I wanted to thank you and your crew for an excellent installation. You guys are top-flight professionals and I have to say you exceeded my expectations. One of the neatest and tidiest installations I have experienced. Have a great Christmas. I will pass on your name to those I come across that might be interested in a Heat Pump. All the best.

Dave & Beryl Traves


Good morning Glen,

I want to tell you again that we think you did a great job with those brackets. I have done a little earthwork below the brackets since the installation on July 18/17… excavated to a depth of 8″, set in an of 2″x 6″ pressure treated frame, and back-filled with crushed stone. I think the visual effect is great, it will make for better drainage away from the brackets, and for easier mowing around the compressor. You told me that ours was the first high-rise installation you have done and that you plan on doing more like this in the

future. I’m hoping that the following photos will help you in promoting this setup to your future customers.  Bob


“We have been delighted with the whole process… from the no pressure, no BS information you provided, to the professional installation.  I especially like the fact that you checked in to see if everything was operating correctly.  And now I have tangible evidence that a heat pump can save money.”

Joe Purdie


“The best decision we ever made for value and quality of service. Now absolute comfort in the house 24 hours a day. Hot, humid or cold outside, it is always 72° everywhere in the house. Great job!”

Albert Bohemier


“I was tickled pink with my heating bill.  Thanks for suggesting the ETS unit with the heat pump.  The time of day pricing is really a good deal when you take advantage of it. We on average, log 75% of our consumption at off peak rates, but don’t feel inconvenienced at all.  All of my appliances are top notch energy efficient units, all the light bulbs are cfl’s, we delay starting the dishwasher, and do our laundry on the weekends.”

Tony Thibault


“We had a heat pump system installed by Glenmar and we are very pleased by the way the installers performed.  They were very professional, neat and tidy.  We are pleased to recommend Glenmar to other people.”

Ivan & Gail Hansen


“Thanks so much to you and your very talented and conscientous staff for the fantastic job you did at our home.  Greatly appreciated!”

Christine Moore