About Us

Glenmar Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is a team of highly skilled, mature and dedicated tradespeople that has been working together for over 20 years.

Glenn Geddes believes in high quality service to his customers.  A journeyman Red Seal sheet metal worker by trade, he has earned the respect of many satisfied home owners.  Glenn worked in the commercial sector of this industry for 16 years before starting Glenmar Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. in 1997.

Glenn has repeatedly proven that his company’s workmanship is exceptional.  He prides himself in the calibre of his work, as well as his service, to ensure that his customers have the best heating system available.  He works with the home owners from the beginning to the end making sure that they understand the installation as well as the operation of each unit so that they may get maximum efficiency for their home. Glenn radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his customers striving for satisfaction.

Glenn services what he sells and makes himself available to his clients for service as well as questions that they may have.